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$10 OFF Lyme or Flu Vaccines

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$10 off either the Lyme Series or the Influenza Series

(Previously unvaccinated dogs ONLY)

$10 OFF!


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Your dog may be up to date on the commonly recommended vaccines, but what about the two diseases currently on the rise in Ohio?

Is your dog protected against Lyme disease?  Ohio and surrounding states are at greater risk than ever for the transmission of Lyme disease through a single tick bite.  Even dogs with Flea and Tick prevention can be infected, depending on the type of prevention and level of exposure.  We recommend the added protection of the Lyme Vaccine, especially for families that include their pets in outdoor activities.

Canine Influenza is being reported with distressing frequency in Southern Ohio.  Many dog parks, doggy day cares and boarding facilities now require the Flu Vaccine for their guests.  The flu is easily spread from dog to dog through airborne particles from coughing or sneezing; or, contact with saliva and feces… so even if your dog is mostly in your home, it possibly to contract the flu on a walk, through the neighbors fence, or even from you if you have been around infected dogs. Our Influenza Vaccine Protocol can protect your dog from suffering unnecessarily.  

West Chester Vet Center is offering $10 off either the Lyme Series or the Influenza Series in the month of August.  This offer is for dogs that have not previously been vaccinated for these diseases.  Call 513-755-2273 to schedule an appointment in August!