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In a society that is increasingly aware of our own mental anxiety, it is only natural that we begin to note similar symptoms in our furry family members. We are fortunate to have so many options to help our pets survive and recover from anxiety, but how do we know…
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Protect your Pup from the Flu. Deadly strains of Canine Influenza are being reported across the country, prompting boarding facilities, dog parks, and day cares to require proof of vaccination. Due to the high probability of contagion (it spreads at a rate of 80 – 100% contraction from exposure to…
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It may seem like a natural thing: your furry family member in the great outdoors – what could be more enjoyable?  Many pets take to camping like a Lab to water. But others…not so much.  We have domesticated and trained our pets to be well-behaved in our homes, so to…
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What are Heartworms? They are parasitic worms (Dirofilaria immitis) that inhabit the cardiovascular system of animals. As adults, they reside in the right side of your dog’s heart and procreate. Cats rarely have adult heartworms, but can be fatally affected by the damage caused by the juvenile parasites.   Which…
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