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Tuesday, 26 November 2019 00:36

Puppy 1.0 Owner's Manual

PUPPY 1.0  Operation Manual

Congratulations on your acquisition of the PUPPY 1.0

Your PUPPY 1.0 has been engineered specifically for your family and is guaranteed to bring years of joy, as well as endless opportunities to practice patience. 


Your PUPPY 1.0 comes fully assembled.  On occasion your puppy may appear to be broken (see illust. 1-4).  Do not be alarmed, PUPPY 1.0 will reassemble itself automatically. 

Illustrations of Not Broken PUPPY 1.0:


Your PUPPY 1.0 comes with the following:

2 Ears (must be cleaned periodically)

2 Eyes (should be bright and alert)

4 Legs (expect these to grow at an alarming rate)

4 Paws (handle frequently to check nails and pads)

1 Nose (sniffing behavior may indicate elimination activity is imminent)

1 Mouth (Warning: Mouth contains shark-like teeth, please engage PUPPY 1.0’s mouth with appropriate chewing materials, e.g. kong toys)

1 Torso (perfect for perfecting massage techniques, or providing heat for cold feet)

2 Elimination Ports (These ports must be emptied around the clock for the first few months.  If you prefer that the contents end up outside, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure that PUPPY 1.0 is in the proper elimination station prior to the event)


Food is required 3 times throughout the day.   If you plan on changing food, please do so gradually over a week in order to avoid explosive and runny elimination and upset tummies.  Dog treats for training are appropriate.  People food is not.  Water should be available at all times during the day, but cut back at night.  Discuss any diet change with your vet.  A healthy diet will help your PUPPY 1.0 stay in top condition and should help lower future maintenance costs.

Exercise and Play are also important to health of your PUPPY 1.0 (as well as your sanity).  Remember: A tired puppy is a good puppy.  Approved activity for ages 2 months – 6 months: leash walks, backyard play with family, playdates with healthy/vaccinated pups, short training sessions to engage their busy brains.  After 6 months their growth plates can start to handle more vigorous exercise and they can become excellent running partners.  DO NOT ALLOW PUPPIES TO PLAY IN DOG PARKS OR WITH UNVACCINATED PETS!  Carry them when in pet stores, vet offices or other gathering places for dogs.


WEEK 1 & 2:  PUPPY 1.0 is programmed to eliminate at least one time every two hours.  It is often a random elimination so for the sake of your floors and paper towel budget, we recommend outside time at least once an hour during the day, and once every two hours during the night.

WEEK 3 & 4:  By this point, PUPPY 1.0 will have begun to program its owner to recognize signs of elimination distress (whining, restlessness, sniffing, standing by the door)  At this point the elimination chamber will have grown to a size that can accommodate up to 3 hours of liquid material…. Longer at night.

WEEK 5 & 6:  PUPPY 1.0 will have begun to have established a consistent schedule with eating and elimination.  There will still be some mistakes.  Set your pet up for success by keeping on easily cleaned surfaces, kenneling when not being observed AT ALL TIMES, and making frequent trips outside.

TIPS:  Pee first, praise and play after.  If the sun is down, we don’t clown.  (Go out, do your business, back to bed… otherwise, you will have a night owl)  Do not fuss over your pup when releasing from enclosure, wait until after pup has completed peeing.  Reduce access to water after 8pm.


Appropriate Modifications for PUPPY 1.0


Your PUPPY 1.0 may have already received its first vaccinations.  It will continue to need vaccine boosters, usually about every 3 weeks, until 6 months of age.  At that point, most vets recommend either annual or biannual exams and vaccines.

Flea, Tick, Heartworm and other parasites:

We recommend monthly flea and tick treatment, as well as heartworm treatment, YEAR ROUND.  Please check with your veterinarian about appropriate products.  Flea and Tick treatments that are sold over the counter are typically ineffective, and occasionally dangerous.  Your veterinarian should also check your PUPPY 1.0 poop for other parasites on a regular basis.

crateSpay or Neuter:

Cloning a PUPPY 1.0 is unnecessary, there are always PUPPY 1.0’s available.  Please plan to spay or neuter your PUPPY 1.0 between 4 – 6 months from date of manufacture.


You can find many accessories for your PUPPY 1.0 that will help keep him happy and content.  Allow us to recommend the CRATE.  The CRATE provides a safe and comforting spot for PUPPY 1.0 to recharge.  It should not be used as a place of punishment.

KongCHEW TOYS are going to be a necessity as your PUPPY 1.0 explores the world and begins to lose puppy teeth.  We recommend KONG toys for unsupervised play.  Rope Toys and Plush toys are only appropriate for supervised play in order to avoid costly repairs to PUPPY 1.0.  Fill the KONG with peanut butter or yogurt and kibble and freeze it for times when you need to crate the PUPPY 1.0 for an extended period of time.

TreatsSmall, bite-sized TREATS are appropriate for training.  Avoid feeding your dog from your plate, table or counter.  Your PUPPY 1.0 will stay happier and off the counters!  Rawhides are not recommended unless closely supervised.  Remove any rawhide or bone pieces that PUPPY 1.0 may choke on. BELLS for alerting elimination are good to hang on the door. 

BEDS and BLANKETS are great for sleeping, but should be removed from the kennel during the day while PUPPY 1.0 is still young.  Again, PUPPY 1.0 Repair can be expensive and scary.

TRAINING VIDEOS AND BOOKS are highly recommended with the PUPPY 1.0  We stress positive reinforcement for the desired behavior, and ignoring or distracting from the bad behavior.  Positive reinforcement is essentially any attention that you give the dog.  Make sure you get to Puppy class at a local training facility.  Not only is this good for training, but is also great for socialization.  Proper socialization is the number one contributor to having a the best dog ever!

 Puppy Troubleshooting

If you have any questions, please contact  Our goal is to help you achieve complete satisfaction with your PUPPY 1.0

NOTE: Your PUPPY 1.0 will automatically download an update at 8 months of age.  PUPPY 2.0 will likely challenge all of the previously learned commands, create havoc, and make you wonder where your sweet PUPPY 1.0 disappeared to.  We call this the Teenage Update.  Maintain consistency, enforce boundaries and praise appropriate behavior.  The PUPPY 3.0 update will arrive between month 18 and 24… this should be the final update and the best version of PUPPY 1.0.

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