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Halloween Safety for Pets

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Halloween is definitely a human holiday. It was not designed for pets. Think about it, your family smells the same, but looks completely different. Not only that, but there are strange people knocking on the door, there are people wandering in my yard, AND there are new smells in the house! (pumpkin spice, perhaps?)

Dress for Success

Yes, we find it adorable to dress up our pets up in crazy ways… but this is obviously not something they are used to, and can be traumatizing, especially if their owner is getting anxious or is pressed for time. Spend a few weeks prior to Halloween familiarizing your pet to pieces of the costume… when you and your pet are already relaxed.

HalloweenDog 500No Treats for Pete’s Sake

PLEASE, make sure candy and wrappers are kept away from both cats and dogs. Not only is chocolate highly toxic, but the wrappers can be a hazard to both curious cats and dining dogs. If ingested they can cause obstructions in the bowels.

And if you wouldn’t let your kids eat their entire stash in one night, please make doubly sure that Pete doesn’t get a chance to either. Chances are Pete will not run to the toilet to vomit, while there is at least a small chance that your child will.

Safe Room

On Beggar’s Night, find a safe place for your pets where they are comfortable and not disturbed by the constant activity. With a “revolving door”, it can be hard to keep track of a “runner”. Or a curious kitty, or a friendly beagle. If they accompany you around the neighborhood, be aware that the sights and sounds are out of the norm for them. Avoid extendable leashes as there are far more decorations to get tangled around.

If you follow these 3 simple safety tips, Halloween can be more “Treat” and less terrifying. We would love to see you here visiting with your pets in costume to take advantage of our Fall-Themed photo booth… instead of for a Halloween emergency.

Bring your pet in costume in October and receive a Treat from us…$5 off any service! (After first following our tips for desensitizing your pet to a costume, of course!)  

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