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Our pets instinctually hide illness, pain and weakness as a survival technique… and when we do notice a problem, often the issue has progressed to a point that is both life-threatening and expensive.  For this reason, combined with the fact that dogs and cats are unable to communicate symptoms, veterinarians…
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PUPPY 1.0  Operation Manual Congratulations on your acquisition of the PUPPY 1.0!  Your PUPPY 1.0 has been engineered specifically for your family and is guaranteed to bring years of joy, as well as endless opportunities to practice patience.  ASSEMBLY: Your PUPPY 1.0 comes fully assembled.  On occasion your puppy may appear…
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The hot topic in pet-owning circles these days is the efficacy of CBD in treating dogs with chronic pain, neurologic symptoms or anxiety.  It should be noted that we are here to dispense information only gathered from research only, not patient specific CBD recommendations or dosing suggestions.  With that said,…
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In a society that is increasingly aware of our own mental anxiety, it is only natural that we begin to note similar symptoms in our furry family members. We are fortunate to have so many options to help our pets survive and recover from anxiety, but how do we know…
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